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TPED/ASME/ISO/KGS/GB/BV/ TUV/ SGS/DNV/LR certificate factory, provide 3-party test report, safest quality with factory-directly price.

LPG gas cylinder

Minsheng is a professional LPG gas cylinder manufacturers. we can customize with different types and specifications of cylinders, and provide BV / TUV / SGS / DNV / ASME / KGS / ISO / En, together with other international authorities issued the third party test report.

High- Pressure Oxygen/Nirogen/Argon Cylinder

Minsheng is one of the largest manufacturers of high-pressure seamless cylinders in China. We can produce or customize seamless gas bottles for various industries according to customers’needs. Provide third party inspection certificate.

Industry Welded Cylinder

Minsheng is the original factory in the field of industry welded gas cylinder. includingr chlorine, ammonia, refrigerant cylinder, Propane and butane cylinder, Liquid ammonia/Liquid chlorine/SO2 gas cylinder(Sulfur dioxide)/bromomethane, bromoethylene, sulfur trioxide, chloroethane, vinyl chloride, dimethyl ether, methylamine, methanethioland,Boron trichloride, ethylene oxide so on)..

Pressure Vessel & Storage Tank

ASME Class I, II, III high-pressure vessel certification plant. Minsheng professional design, manufacture, installation of all kinds of high press vessel. including storage tank, heat exchanger, tower, reactor/seperator/split cylinder/buffer tank etc. Send your requirements to get a favorable offer now.

Reliable gas cylinder manufacturers- MS Group

Minsheng Group is the authorizing gas cylinder manufacturers, valves, and pressure vessels. Since 1966. Designing, producing, testing in compliance with ASME of US,  EN 1442 of Dir. 2010/35/EU and ADR/RID 2017.

Strong Processing Capabilities

Annual production capacity :5,000,000pcs gas cylinders, 6,000,000pcs gas cylinder valves and 100,000 ton pressure vessel.
Ten automatic assembly manufacturing assembly line, the main manufacturing process such as material roll flatting, cutting, shell cutting ,shell pressing, circumferential welding seam automatic welding, cylinder rolling, longitudinal welding seam welding, heat treatment, hydraulic testing, shot blasting, X-ray detection, inner ring group , painting, tightness test, winding set, helium leak detection, vacuuming and other main processes are automatically completed on the assembly line.

Quality Control

Minsheng is an authorized factory by ASME,KGS,TPED,BV,TUV,with testing center laboratory is certified by IAF and CNAS ,equipped with 2580 sets test equipment, covering raw material testing, mechanical properties testing, tensile testing, bend testing, impact testing, spectral chemical element analysis, metallographic analysis, hardness test,ultrasonic examination, defective blasting test, combustion and high speed impact test etc

Pricing Management

Minsheng strategically with china's largest steel mills to establish a stable supply chain, cut raw materials and logistics costs to provide stable prices and ensure excellent quality of products under the premise of making the product price competitive in the market, ensure every dealer ,distributor and retailer has a stable profit margin.

Customer Services

Minsheng after-sales service team and extensive network ready to provide thoughtful and timely help. Every product has a certificate of quality, indicating the date of production, the source of materials, test data, etc., with long-term warranty service.

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