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All You want to know about PSA Oxygen Generator

Are you searching a realible PSA Oxygen generator manufacturer , with high-purity and afforable price? you may find many suppliers of PSA oxygen plant. Therefore, we have prepared a lot of information about oxygen cylinders for your in-depth research.

What is PSA Oxygen Plant?

PSA is the abbreviation for Pressure Swing Adsorption. PSA oxygen production plants use clean compressed air as raw material , and high quality zeolite molecular sieves as adsorbent to produce oxygen from air.

The compressed air is adsorbed under pressure and desorbed under reduced pressure in the adsorber. Due to the aerodynamic effect, the rate of diffusion of nitrogen in the micro-pores of the zeolite molecular sieve is much greater than that of oxygen, and the nitrogen is preferentially adsorbed by the zeolite molecular sieve and the oxygen is aggregated to form oxygen. Then by reducing the pressure to atmospheric pressure, the adsorbent desorbs the adsorbed nitrogen and other impurities to achieve regeneration. Generally two adsorption towers are set up in the system, one tower adsorbs and produces oxygen, the other tower desorbs and regenerates, and the PLC program controls the opening and closing of the pneumatic valve, so that the two towers alternately cycle,  obtaining a high purity oxygen (93% ± 3%).


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Hot Sale Types in the filed

With the outbreak of the COVID 19, we can customise medical oxygen generators according to customers’ needs, and also for industrial oxygen production. There are currently three best sell types.


Containerized PSA OXygen Generator

  • Container: 10ft., 20ft. or 40ft
  • The flow of oxygen:1-200 Nm3/h (20℃, 101.325KPA)
  • The purity of oxygen: 93 ±3%
  • Outlet pressure: 0.05 -0.06MPA
  • Dew point of the atmosphere: ≤ -40℃
  • Intelligent control, high efficiency, energy saving, convenient
medical-oxygen-generator, psa oxygen plant, psa pxygen generator

PSA Oxygen Generator Plant

  • The flow of oxygen:1-200 Nm3/h (20℃, 101.325KPA)
  • The purity of oxygen: 93 ±3%
  • Outlet pressure: 0.05 -0.06MPA
  • Dew point of the atmosphere: ≤ -40℃
  • Intelligent control, high efficiency, energy saving, convenient


Oxygen Concentrator

  • The flow of oxygen:0-8L/min
  • The purity of oxygen: ≥90%
  • Outlet pressure: 04-0.08Mpa
  • Power Consumption:650W
  • Working Voltage:230V AC
  • Noise Level:≤50dB
  • Standard Function:Over Heat Alarm,Power Failure Alarm,Pressure Failure,Alarm,Timing Function,Working Hours Display

Containerized Psa Oxygen Plant type.VS Normal Type

Containerized oxygen plant

Normal Type PSA Oxygen Plant

Estimated PSA Oxygen Plant Cost

Minsheng Group produces high-quality PSA oxygen plant, and PSA nitrogen plant,  to meet industrial oxygen, nitrogen, and medical oxygen requirements.

Your investment PSA oxygen generator price is inculding the price of the equipment and shipping cost.

The cost of investing in an oxygen generator is based on the amount of oxygen produced, accessories and whether it is containerised or not, generally a containerised oxygen generator is slightly more expensive than normal type, but does not have plant cost.
The model of the oxygen generator is determined by how many cubic metres of oxygen are required per hour and the height of the poster.

Common sizes range from 5m³-200m³. Prices range from $20,634.92-$195,238.10. For the detailed PSA Oxygen generator price, please click
6 tips for getting PSA oxygen generator price and model. get specific specifications you need and reference prices.

Containerized Psa Oxygen Plant cost, according to normal model add container cost,  20ft add $4687,  40ft add $8593

Our Internal Technical Data

To make it easier for you to understand. We have carefully prepared all the information about PSA oxygen generators. It will be very helpful for you to purchase PSA oxygen and nitrogen generators.

Detailed list of oxygen concentrator accessories

This list contains detailed descriptions of the accessories for each model

oxygen generator operationg manual

This list contains detailed descriptions of the accessories for each model

how to Power on and off operation process

Describe in detail how to operate the machine

What My Clients Says

As a reliable PSA oxygen generator manufacturer, Our machines are popular with our customers


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Customer Testimonials

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

1.The PSA oxgyen plant normally how many hours maximum it can work in a daya) 8 hours b) 12 hours c) 15 hours d) 24 hours,we want to know what the maximum working capacity per day, so as not to have a problem with the plant. Oxygen is scarce in our country, it is for this reason that we want to make it work 24 hours

According to your actual need for oxygen, the oxygen plant can work continuously for 24 hours,or 15 hours,or other.

2. Do you have an instruction plan for the installation of the oxygen plant?

I have given you “50m3 oxygen plant video ”, “how to start video”, “pipeline connection of booster video”. You just need to place each module according to the video I provided to you and then match each label according to the label I posted, then screw it on.

For example, as shown in the following figure, connect the two nozzles marked with the same number“2” with bolts.  


After the connection,Follow the boot sequence as directed in the“how to start” video instruction, then plug in the power supply ,the plant can be used.

3.we need the schedule for the maintenance of each component.

1. The compressor works with a special type of oil, specify if it is mineral oil, we have the brands Shell, Mobil, Destron etc.Regarding the brand of engine oil, you can consult your local Atlas dealer. Our Atlas supplier’s recommendation is to use super synthetic lubricants, and there is no specific brand.

2. How many hours of work do we have to change the air filters of each component.

Depending on how long the plant has actually been running, combined with the spare parts replacement cycle given below, you can know when to replace parts and components

air compressor part

2000 hours maintenance Filter maintenance kit
4000hours maintenance Filter maintenance kit
Oil separation
6000hours maintenance Filter maintenance kit

Oxygen generator part

C class filter Replace it every 6000hours , and regularly remove it for cleaning and blowing
T class filter
A class filter
H class filter
Sterilization filter element
Automatic drain change it when it is broken

booster part

No Name Model Quantity Maintenance time
1 Front guide ring 120*4*40 4 Piece 4000hours
2.1-class consumables Piston ring 130 8 Piece
Guide ring 130*4*20 2 Piece
Intake combination valve AQBL14-41-00Y 1 Set 6000 hour
Exhaust combination valve AQBL14-51-00Y 1 Set
3. 2-class consumables 80 double acting piston ring 80 Piston ring 4 Piece 3500hour
Guide ring 80*3.2*20 2 Piece
Intake combination valve AQBL14-41-00Y 1 Set 6000hour
Exhaust combination valve AQBL14-51-00Y 1 Set
4. 3-class consumables 45 rod piston ring 5 Piece 2500hour
45 rod guide ring 45*41*15 DX 2 Piece
Intake valve disc Class 3 1 Piece Each year
Exhaust valve disc Class 3 1 Piece
5. 4-stage piston assembly piston 26 made self 1 Piece
Piston ring 26 Spiral ring 7 Piece
Piston O-ring 14*3.55 Fluorine rubber 14 Piece
Guide ring 26 made self 1 Piece
Throttling ring 26 made self 1 Piece
Valve SF6 4 Piece Each year
6. Stuffing box Stuffed piston ring Class 1 45 10 Piece 2000-2500hour
Stuffed piston ring Class 2 45 10 Piece
7 Lubricating grease Antioxidant grease 60 g Every two years

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