Medical Oxygen Regulator

Medical regulators used in hospitals, clinics, homes, and emergency medical care. Ms group provide high strength, more safety, easy to clean medical regulators at the best price

The advantages of medical regulators

1.Medical oxygen regulators are used for oxygen inhalation medical units, research project. institutions, industrial and mining medical institutions such as emergency oxygen supply and oxygen-deficient patients.
2. The medical regulators have accurate flow, easy to use and safe.
3. The medical pressure reducer is designed to relieve the user’s pain.
4. The product output is accurate, the quality is stable, the quality is high, and the performance is safe, so that you are safer, more assured and more satisfied in the process of using.

medical oxygen regulator-1

1) metering range (L/min): 1-10, 1-15;
2) accuracy: grade 4;
3) entrance Pressure(MPa): 12MPa 15MPa;
4) exit pressure(MPa): 0.2-0.3MPa;
5) entrance connection screw thread: G5/8-14-RH; CGA540-RH; G3/4-14-RH;
6) output connection screw thread: 8mm

medical oxygen regulator-2
Type Gas Type Input Pressure Output Pressure Control Pressure Of Safety Valve Flowmeter Control Range Material Conecting Thread
MS-C Oxygen 150bar 2bar-3bar 3.5bar±0.5bar 1L/min-10L/min Brass Female G5/8 Male G3/8 G3/4
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