Dimethyl Ether Cylinder

Dimethyl Ether is a new type of clean fuel, its performance is similar to that of liquefied petroleum gas cylinders. After liquefaction, it is put into steel cylinders, which is more suitable for storage, transportation and use.
Dimethyl Ether is a colorless, flammable, easily liquefied, non-toxic gas that is a gas at room temperature and a liquid under pressure. It could replace liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) as bottled fuel for civilian use. It could also be modified to replace gasoline as a vehicle fuel. Our production and quality are in accordance with ISO 3807 and GB11638 standards to ensure that each product meets the customer’s quality requirements. Besides, all our products are strictly inspected before shipment. Our products have passed ISO, SGS, TUV, CE/TPED certification.
公称容积 公称直径 总高度 材质 介质
V Nominal Water Capacity(L) D Nominal Diameter(mm) H2 Height(mm) Material Medium
40 250 1080 HP345/Q345R S30403/S31603 二氟氯甲烷R-22(CHF2CL) 1.1.1三氟乙烷R-143a(C2H3F3) 丙烷(C3H8) 丙烯(C3H6) 环丙烷(C3H6) 二氟二氯甲烷 R-12(CF2CL2) 二甲醚(c2H6O) 五氟氯乙烷R-115 (CF5CL) 1.1二氟氯乙烷R-152a(C2H4F2) 甲硫醇(CH3SH) 四氟二氯乙烷R-114(C2F4CL2) 二氟氯乙烷R-142b(C2H3F2CL) 二氟溴氯甲烷R-12B1(CF2CLBr) 氯乙烷(C2H5Cl) 八氟环丁烷(C4H8) 正丁烷(正-C4H10) 异丁烷(异-C4H10) 异丁烯(异-C4H8) 氨(NH3) 氯(Cl2) 二氧化硫(SO2) 六氟丙烯R1216(C3F6) 氯甲烷(CH3Cl) 三氟氯乙烯(C2F3Cl) 溴甲烷(CH3Br) 氟化氢(HF) 氯乙烯(C2H3Cl) 溴乙烯(C2H3Br) 甲胺(CH3NH2) 二甲胺(Ch3)2NH 三氯化硼(BCl3) 三氟氯乙烷R-133a(C2H2F3CL) 一氟二氯甲烷R-21(CHFCL2) 1-丁烯(C4H8) 1,3-丁二烯(C4H6) (顺)2-丁烯(C4H8) (反)2-丁烯(C4H8) 三甲胺(CH3)3N 乙胺(C2H5NH2) 乙烯基甲醚(C3H6)) 环氧乙烷(C2H4O)
100 350 1300
120 350 1500
400 600 1780
800 800 2000
840 800 2080
1000 900 2030

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