Lithium Salt Tank/Drum

Minsheng produces this kind of stainless steel drums for packaging and transportation of lithium hexafluorophosphate and methyl ethyl carbonate. According to the nature of lithium salt, this kind of packaging drum must have high strength and corrosion resistance, so S31603 stainless steel is chosen as the material of drum body, and S30408 stainless steel square steel is chosen as the frame of the product, so as to further enhance the resistance of the product when it is impacted, and to ensure the safety of the product during transportation and usual storage.

Product name1100LLithium salt tank112LLithium salt tank
Tank materialS31603S31603
Frame materialS30408S30408
Operating temperature‘-20℃~60℃’‘-20℃~60℃’

Instructions for use

Tighten the screws of the drum, install the valve, sealing ring, blind plate, pressure gauge and close the bottom, open the blind plate and valve on the top of the container, and then load the material into the drum through the quick coupling, and flush the nitrogen into the nitrogen sealing after filling, and close the valve and tighten the blind plate.
During transportation, the material in the barrel is not full, only ≤1510KG material, the pressure of nitrogen sealing is 0.03MPa-0.06MPa.
Connect the clamp underneath the ton barrel with the guide pipe on the reactor, then open the DN80 valve underneath, the rest of the valves are closed, and the material will be pressed into the reactor by gravity.
It is necessary to hang the three lugs to ensure the smooth lifting and lowering of the tonnage drum, and it is not allowed to hang it diagonally, and it is forbidden to hang the drum which has been filled with materials. The loaded barrels will be lifted by forklift through the forklift chute for loading.
Stacking is prohibited.

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