Firefighting Heptafluoropropane Cylinders

20L-180L firefighting Heptafluoropropane Cylinder from minsheng group. with good and stable quality, competitive price. Contact us for samples now!

firefighting Heptafluoropropane cylinders are mainly used to storage heptafluoropropane (hfc-227ea/fm200) ,which is a clean gas chemical extinguishing agent with both chemical and physical fire extinguishing effects. it is colorless, odorless, low toxic, non-conductive, non-polluting protected objects and does not cause damage to property and precision facilities. The utility model can reliably extinguish B and C type fires and electrical fires with low fire extinguishing concentration, and has small storage space, no damage to the atmospheric ozone layer and meets the environmental protection requirements.

To ensure the best quality of the firefighting Heptafluoropropane cylinder, We strictly carry out every manufacture and test procedure from raw materials. to final product inspection according to standard.

We provide OEM and ODM services, design, and manufacture according to customer’s requirements

Quality and Safety: We have passed the ISO9001:2000 management system, and can provide self-test reports or. third party test certificate on customer’s needs.

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