Electrolyte Tank/Drum

Minsheng is a leading professional manufacturer of LPG Gas Cylinde, lpg tank in China, we can customize with different types and specifications of Gas Bottle.

The main development direction of electrolyte ton bucket: Hydrogen energy, lithium electricity! (Mainly used for: power, energy storage)
Electrolyte ton bucket is an essential hardware supporting facility for the development of new energy lithium battery. The frame, barrel body, accessories and screws are all made of 304 stainless steel (316 can be customized), the ton barrel body is made of double mirror plate, the frame is made of wire drawing tube (containing more than 8 nickel) the head diameter of the barrel body is 1.1m tons. The welding seam of the barrel body is plasma welding to achieve single-sided welding and double-sided molding (there can be no internal gap, and the inside and outside reach a certain level of smoothness) the interior is made of electrolytic polishing. Acid-base neutralization. The inner discharge tube is 2mm away from the bottom, so that there is no residue inside and the purity of the electrolyte is guaranteed.

Length * width * height1120*1120*1620mm
Inside diameter of tank1100mm
Tank head wall thickness4mm
Tank materialSUS304

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