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All you want to know about chlorine cylinders,drums and tanks

We are not just liquid chlorine cylinders supplier , we are a source manufacturer and can customize according to the standard and process requirements at the lowest price, we have prepared a wealth of information about liquid chlorine cylinders for your reference

Popular types of chlorine gas cylinder in the Market

Generally, there are two types of liquid chlorine cylinders available in the market, one is high pressure seamless type, commonly used water volume from 4L- 80L, and the other is welded type, commonly used water volume from 40L-840L, liquid chlorine filling quantity(kg) from 5kg to 1000kg.

chlorine-gas-cylinder, ammonia gas cylinder

High pressure seamless chlorine cylinders

840L 1000kg cholorine cylinder

Welded Chlorine Cylinders

Chlorine Storage Tank

The liquid chlorine filling quantity(kg) ranges from 5kg to 1000kg, among which the large size welded type (800L and 840L) is divided into flanged and flangeless. To prevent cylinder explosion, all cylinders are equipped with fusible plugs.



chlorine cylinder with fusible plug

Why chlorine cylinder with fusible plugs?

“Fusible plug” is a kind of safety device installed to make the cylinder, and pressure vessel safe.
Working principle: liquid chlorine cylinder fusible plug melting temperature of    65 ℃, the use of low melting point alloy melting at a higher temperature, open the channel so that the chlorine gas from the original filling of the fusible alloy of the air to discharge the pressure.

We are a professional manufacturer of liquid chlorine cylinders, ammonia cylinder, acetylene cylinders ect. with a history of more than 60 years and can customize according to customers’ requirements. In addition to the above common specifications of liquid chlorine cylinders, if you need other specifications, please provide us with detailed drawings or pictures of the products, indicating the water volume, working pressure, etc., and we will design for you professionally.

Hot Sale Models in the filed

According to DOT 3AA480, ISO Standard. there are many models popular around the world. We have compiled the hot selling chlorine cylinder specifications and prices for reference

150 lb chlorine cylinder

150lb Chlorine Cylinder

  • Standard: DOT 3AA
  • Max filling Capacity: 70kg / 150lb
  • Water Capacity: 54 L
  • Working Pressure: 150bar (2175psi)
  • Test pressure: 250bar (3625psi)
  • Material: 37Mn
  • Thead Valve Standard: CGA /DIN/GB/EN/BS/ANSI

840L Chlorine Cylinder

  • Standard: ISO/GB/ASME
  • Thickness: 12mm
  • Water Capacity:  840L
  • Working pressure: 300bar
  • Test pressure: 450bar
  • Material: HP345
  • Thread Valve Standard: CGA /DIN/GB/EN/BS/ANSI
900kg chlorine cylinder

900kg Chlorine Cylinder

  • Standard: ISO/GB/ASME
  • Max filling Capacity: 900kg
  • Water Capacity: 720L
  • Working pressure: 300bar
  • Test pressure: 450bar
  • Material: HP345
  • Thead Valve Standard: CGA /DIN/GB/EN/BS
1 ton chlorine cylinder

1 ton chlorine cylinder

  • Standard: ISO/GB/ASME
  • Max filling Capacity: 1000kg
  • Water Capacity: 800L / 840L
  • Working pressure: 300bar
  • Test pressure: 450bar
  • Material: HP345
  • Thread Valve Standard: CGA /DIN/GB/EN/BS/ANSI

Estimated Chlorine Cylinder Price

The chlorine gas cylinder cpost is mainly the chlorine cylinder price and shipping fee, the following will show the specific details

Two types of liquid chlorine cylinders are described above, high-pressure seamless liquid chlorine cylinders, with DOT/GB standard, and welded liquid chlorine cylinders, with ASME/ISO/GB standard. The chlorine cylinders price is differentiated according to these two types.

The following there are two specifications of the price reference , the specific price is determined according to the quantity, please contact us

Seamless chlorine cylinder(with ISO/ DOT /GB standard)

Water CapacityFilling weightDiameter(mm)Height(mm)

Welded chlorine cylinder(with ASME / ISO / GB standard)

Water CapacityFilling weightDiametermm)Height(mm)

Manufacturing Process of Chlorine Cylinder

Here will Show How Chlorine gas cylinders are manufactured?

Minsheng uses High-Quality Steel Plate,  and perfect welding technology to ensure the long life of Chlorine cylinders, ammonia cylinder, and other industrial welded gas cylinders. We strictly follow the standards for production and testing. Guarantee the safety of liquid chlorine cylinders

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