IBC stainless steel square tank

Minsheng is a leading professional manufacturer of LPG Gas Cylinde, lpg tank in China, we can customize with different types and specifications of Gas Bottle.

Gaseous carbon dioxide is used in carbonation of soft drinks, pH control in water treatment processes, chemical processing, food preservation, inert protection in chemical and food processing processes, welding gas, plant growth stimulator, in casting for hardening moulds and cores and for Pneumatic devices are also used in the diluent of sterilization gas (that is, the mixed gas of ethylene oxide and carbon dioxide is used as sterilization, insecticide, and fumigant, which is widely used in the sterilization of medical equipment, packaging materials, clothing, fur, bedding, etc. , bone meal disinfection, fumigation of warehouses, factories, cultural relics, books).
Liquid carbon dioxide is used as a refrigerant, low temperature testing of aircraft, missiles and electronic components, enhanced oil recovery, rubber polishing and control of chemical reactions, and can also be used as a fire extinguishing agent.

ModelIBC-1000LIBC-1200LIBC-1500LIBC-500L Vertical typeIBC-500L Horizontal type
StructureAll steel type
Nominal/Full mouth capacity (L)100012001500500500
Approved weight (kg)130±2kg115±2kg128±2kg65±2kg65±2kg
Stacking weight (kg)39003900390016003900
Maximum allowable weight (kg)1650165016509001650
Maximum allowable density (g/cm^3)1.5
Pallet height120±5120±5120±5120±5120±5
Center distance of fork hole795±5795±5795±5795±5795±5
Fork height80±580±580±580±580±5
Interior container
Manufacturing methodForging and welding forming
Inner container weight (kg)65±179±198±142.5±142±1
Top thread type/
Filling diameter (mm)DN150
Top cap
SizeDN150 atmospheric pressure handhole
Gasket materialTetrafluorowasher
Air release valveDN20 stainless steel exhaust valve
Drain valve
Gasket materialTetrafluorowasher
Inside diameter of outlet thread56.5
Processing methodStamping
Processing methodSteel pipe welding, bending after forming assembly

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