How to calculate chlorine cylinder sizes?

Do you know wht is  the volume of 900kg liquid chlorine? We are often asked by clients

Liquid chlorine cylinders have a wide range of uses in the chemical, paper, light industry, electronics and pharmaceutical and health fields.

This article will describe the calculation of volumes and filling quantities.

1. The common chlorine cylinder sizes

As the leading manufacturer of chorine cylinder, chorine drum, chorine tank. we provide various sizes and customized chlorine gas cylinder for customer.

In general, we summarise the most commonly used types of liquid chlorine cylinders as follows:

  • 40L chlorine cylinder
  • 50L chlorine cylinder
  • 58L chlorine cylinder
  • 100L chlorine cylinder
  • 120L chlorine cylinder
  • 128L chlorine cylinder
  • 130L chlorine cylinder
  • 400L chlorine cylinder
  • 800L chlorine cylinder
  • 840L chlorine cylinder
Water capacity Working Pressure(Mpa) Test Pressure(Mpa) Leakage Test Pressure(Mpa) Maximum Filling Quantity(kg) Diameter(mm) Length (mm)
40l 2.1 4.5 2.1 50kg 250-350 665-1080
50l 201 4.5 2.1 62.5kg 250-350 665-1080
58l 2.1 4.5 2.1 72.5kg 250-350 665-1080
100l 2.1 4.5 2.1 125kg 350-400 1080-1300
128l 2.1 4.5 2.1 160kg 350-400 1350-1455
130l 2.1 4.5 2.1 162.5 350-400 1350-1455
400l 2.1 4.5 2.1 500kg 600 1780
800l 2.1 4.5 2.1 1000kg 800 2000
840l 2.1 4.5 2.1 1000kg 800 2080

2.How to calculate the water capacity and filling capacity of liquid chlorine cylinders ?

How do you calculate the filling quantity from the volume of a chlorine gas cylinder? Correctly determining the model to purchase

According to standard GB5100/EN. filling ratio is 1.25kg/l. water capactiy ×1.25lg/l=filling quantity kg.

for examples 800l chorine cylinder, filling quantity=800 × 1.25=1000kg

then we will know 900kg chlorine cylinder, the water capacity is 720l chlorine gas cylinder.

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