PSA Oxygen Generator Plant

Minsheng is a professional manufacturer of PSA Oxygen Generator Plant, We customize medical oxygen equipment.

The of PSA Oxygen Generator

The principle of oxygen production in PSA oxygen generators is mainly diffusion and adsorption. The compressed air, which has been pre-treated with oil and water removal, enters the adsorption unit equipped with zeolite molecular sieves (ZMS). When the compressed air passes through the molecular sieve, the nitrogen molecules are adsorbed by the molecular sieve, while the oxygen molecules can be enriched by the molecular sieve on the other side to form the product oxygen. When the adsorption unit is saturated with nitrogen, it can be regenerated by cyclic circulation and used repeatedly to produce a continuous and stable product oxygen.


We design the oxygen generator consist of the following components:

  • Air Compressor
  • Air pretreatment module
  • Air tank
  • Oxygen-nitrogen separating adsorber
  • Presultant oxygen buffer tank
  • Automatic control & detection system
PSA Oxygen Plant

PSA oxygen plant features:

  • Fast and timely on-site oxygen production.
  • Special program-controlled valves with up to 1 million trouble-free opening and closing cycles.
  • higher efficiency gas separation components and unique variable pressure adsorption energy saving technology, resulting in lower consumption rate per unit of compressed air and reduced energy consumption.
  • multi-functional monitoring system with full LCD online display of purity, flow and other operating parameters.
  • Fully integrated skid-mounted chassis design, oxygen production systems are pre-commissioned before leaving the factory.
  • Unique patented compression structure with automatic compensation for molecular sieve loosening, so that the molecular sieve is always in compression, effectively extending the life of the molecular sieve by 10 years.
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