LPG storage tank

ASME Class I, II, III high-pressure vessel certification plant. Minsheng specialize in designing, manufacturing and installing all kinds of large storage tank,such as LPG Storage Tank/ ammonia tank/ refrigerant tank etc.

Purpose of storage tank: The storage tank are used for storing all kinds of liquid or gas with pressure, is an essential and important infrastructure for petroleum, chemical industry, grain and oil, food, fire fighting, transportation, metallurgy, national defense and other industries.

classification: Because of the difference of storage medium, working pressure and using temperature, there are various forms of storage tank.

  • According to the location classification, it can be divided into above-ground storage tanks, underground storage tanks, semi-underground storage tanks, offshore storage tanks, such as the seabed.
  • According to the classification of oil products, it can be divided into crude oil storage tanks, fuel oil storage tanks, lubricating oil tanks, edible oil tanks, fire water tanks.
  • On different use,it can be divided into production tanks, storage tanks and so on.
  • According to the form classification, it can be divided into vertical storage tanks, horizontal storage tanks and so on.
  • According to the structure classification, it can be divided into fixed roof storage tanks, floating roof storage tanks, spherical storage tanks, etc.
  • On different Size: More than 10m³ large-scale storage tanks are mostly horizontal storage tanks; less than 10m³ small-scale storage tanks are mostly vertical storage tanks.

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