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We are a professional manufacturer of Industrial Gas Cylinder in China. Our products can be used for the transportation of acetylene and other industrial&metal gases . Our products have been approved by ISO quality system certification, European CE certification , American ASME, DOT certification by TUV/BV/SGS/LR/DNV etc

All you want to know about Acetylene gas cylinders

Acetylene cylinders are used for special welding and cutting jobs. They are not only suitable for forging or forging, but also for brazing and soldering.

With the use of acetylene, cylinders of various markings and shapes are common. This is because acetylene can be contained in a cylinder with absorbent material, or just a standard acetylene cylinder. Cylinders containing absorbent material are referred to as “acetone cylinders” or “dissolved acetylene” cylinders. Acetylene dissolved in acetone yields approximately 2.5 times the volume of gaseous acetylene compared to when dissolved in water. This means that these cylinders allow higher gas output for the same size cylinder.

Mostly the market acetylene is transported as a dissolved gas in specially designed cylinders that are pressure-tested regularly. The cylinders are filled with porous materials such as diatomaceous earth or (more commonly) activated charcoal. They are then filled with acetone to saturate the material, followed by allowing a slight positive pressure of acetylene gas to fill the cylinder. The acetylene gas is held in solution by the acetone and by physical forces within the cylinder’s air space above the liquid level, but not dissolved in the acetone. When required, the pressure on the cylinder is reduced and some of the acetone-acetylene mixture vaporizes and escapes through the porous mass to supply gaseous acetylene for use

Popular types of acetylene gas cylinder in the Market

There are two main types of acetylene gas cylinders on the market,both of them use acetone to dissolve acetylene:

Seamless C2H2 Cylinder

The seamless acetylene cylinder is manufactured according to EN ISO 3807 standard

  • made of chromium manganese steel 30CrMo
  • working pressure is 17bar
  • hydraulic test pressure is 60bar.
  • porous mass is BAF1,which is made of Quartz powder,CaO,AR-glass fiber, water and sticky reagent. Porosity  is 90% to 92%.

Weled C2H2 Cylinders

The welded acetylene cylinder is manufactured according to ISO 3807 & ISO4706 standard

  • made of chromium manganese steel 30CrMo
  • working pressure is 17bar
  • hydraulic test pressure is 60bar.
  • porous mass is BAF1,which is made of Quartz powder,CaO,AR-glass fiber, water and sticky reagent. Porosity  is 90% to 92%.

Note: Our factory are certified by American ASME , can produce acetylene cylinder on Asme standard and provide OEM service for you.

Acetylene Gas Cylinder Size Chat

According to DOT 3AA480, ISO Standard. there are many models popular around the world. We have compiled the hot selling chlorine cylinder specifications and prices for reference

If you’re looking to buy acetylene cylinders, you need to know that there are many different sizes. They range from 5L to 60L . There are also a variety of different types of valve connections available on the America ,ISO, DIN or GB standard,such as CGA200,CGA300,CGA510,PF5,QF-36D etc .

The size of an acetylene cylinder depends on the amount of gas that it holds. The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT), ISO regulates how much acetylene cylinders can hold.

For example .A cylinder with a water capacity of 40l has a volume equivalent to approximately 7.2 kg of acetylene at standard conditions.

Volume(L)Diameter(mm)Total Height(mm)Acetylene maximum filling capacity(kg)C2H2 Cylinders Price For Reference (USD)

C2H2 Acetylene Cylinders Price

When you buy C2H2 Cylinders, Acetylene cylinders price vary according on the size of the cylinder and where it was manufactured.

 Our products are manufactured with latest technology to ensure the safety standards is maintained. We supply our range of products at industry leading prices.

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