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All you want to know about Ammonia cylinders

Popular types of ammonia gas cylinder in the Market

Ammonia cylinders are the most economic refrigerant for small capacity refrigeration systems. Ammonia cylinders are manufactured in accordance with ISO,GB,ASME, DOT and EN specifications, and our fabrication methods meet international top requirements. We provide a variety of ammonia cylinders to fit the needs of many industrial business,.

The type of cylinder one can use to safely transport and store ammonia depends on the quantity of ammonia the cylinder can hold safely.

Seamless steel ammonia cylinder

1.Seamless steel ammonia cylinder on DOT/ISO/GB standard. common water capacity ranging from 30 to 150 liters,filling ammonia weight ranging from 35lbs to 175lbs

weled steel ammonia cylinder

2.weled steel ammonia cylinder on ISO/GB/ASME standard,common water capacity ranging from 12 to 1000 liters.,filling ammonia weight ranging from 15lbs to 1165lbs

Ammonia Storage Tank

ammonia tank on ISO/GB/ASME standard,common water capacity ranging from 1000 to 500000 liters.

Note: Our factory are certified by American ASME , can produce ammonia tank on Asme standard and provide OEM service for you.

Hot Sale Models in the filed

According to DOT 3AA480, ISO Standard. there are many models popular around the world. We have compiled the hot selling chlorine cylinder specifications and prices for reference

The ammonia cylinder sizes can be determined by the application.Depending on the size of your facility and the amount of ammonia you need,If you are freshman in the ammonia cylinder market, or even if you’re just curious about how to choose, it’s important to know that there are different sizes and capacities when it comes to ammonia cylinders. Why does this matter? Because you want to be absolutely sure that your cylinder is big enough (or small enough) to meet your needs. We have compiled the most commonly purchased liquid chlorine cylinder models and specifications on the market for reference

  • 40L water capacity :46lbs ammonia filling capacity,
  • 130L water capacity :150 lb ammonia filling capacity  
  • 100L water capacity:50kg ammonia filling capacity     
  • 1000 gallon nh3 tank:3785L water capacity:2005kg(4421lbs) ammonia filling capacity   
  • 1450 gallon nh3 tanks:5489L water capacity:2910kg (6413lbs) ammonia filling capacity
  •  18000 gallon nh3 tank :68138L water capacity:36113kg(79615lbs) ammonia filling capacity
  • 2000 gallon nh3 tanks:7570L water capacity:4012kg(8845lbs) ammonia filling capacity
  •  3000 gallon nh3 tanks: 11356L water capacity:6018kg(13268lbs) ammonia filling capacity
150 lb chlorine cylinder

The general specification of Seamless ammonia cylinder

  1. Cylinder Body: 37Mn or 34CrMo4
  2. Working Pressure: 30bar
  3. test pressure:45bar
  4. Volum: 30 to 150liters
  5. filling ammonia weight ranging from 35lbs  to 175lb
  6. material Thickness:above 5.2-6.0 mm
  7. Weight of Empty Cylinder: about 50-150kg
  8. Service Life: 20 years
900kg chlorine cylinder

The general specification of welded ammonia cylinder

  1. Cylinder Body: Q345R or HP345
  2. Working Pressure: 30bar
  3. test pressure:45bar
  4. Volum: 12 – 1000liters
  5. filling ammonia weight ranging from 15lbs  to 1165 lbs
  6. material Thickness: above 3-10mm
  7. Weight of Empty Cylinder: about 12-650kg
  8. Service Life: 20 years

The general specification of ammonia tank

  1. Cylinder Body: Q345R or HP345
  2. test pressure:45bar
  3. Working Pressure: 30bar
  4. Volum: 1000 – 500000liters
  5. material Thickness:on the design
  6. Weight of Empty Cylinder: on the design
  7. Service Life: 20 years

Ammonia Gas Cylinder Price

There are some popular sizes of ammonia cylinder prices as follows for reference. welcome contact us for your business.

When you are looking for ammonia gas cylinder, the quality and competitive price may important for you .Some suppliers may sell you a cheap ammonia cylinder, but it’s not safe. So you should purchase from licensed manufacturer who have certificate ,provided with third party test report and competitive price.

The cost of importing ammonia tank from china, some popular size ammonia cylinders price are as follows:

Seamless Ammonia cylinder Price(with DOT/GB standard)

Water Capacity Filling weight Diameter(mm) Height(mm) Price
40L 46.7lbs (21.2kg) 219 1420 $170
43L 50lbs (23kg) 219 1450 $180
50L 59lbs (26.5kg) 232 1460 $210
86L 100lbs (45kg) 279 1800 $235

Welded Ammonia cylinder Price(with ASME / ISO / GB standard)

Water Capacity Filling weight Diametermm) Height(mm) Price
40L 20kg 250 1080 $125
50L 25kg 300 1000 $155
100L 110lbs (50kg) 350 1300 $240
128L 150lbs (68kg) 370 1450 $290
400L 200kg 600 1800 $580
800L 400kg 800 2000 $850
1000L 500kg 900 2030 $1150

Why Choose Minsheng Group?

 When choosing a  ammonia gas cylinders supplier, you want to make sure that your safety is guaranteed. We at Minsheng Group  provide you with the best quality products and services available. Due to the superior performance and competitive price, our ammonia cylinders are well received by customers from all over the world.

 Ammonia gas cylinders are mainly used for the storage and transportation of liquid ammonia, which can be widely used in chemical fertilizer, synthetic fiber, refrigeration and pharmaceutical industries.
Why choose us purchase ammonia tank?
1.Top quality, low cost
We are the largest manufacturer in China, we have our own factory, so we can provide you high quality products and competitive price.
2. various size for choose
In order to meet different requirements of customers, our company can provide many sizes of ammonia cylinders with different specifications, the common water capacity sizes are 15L, 30L, 40L,100L,120L,130L, 400L, 800L,1000L.the common manufacture standards are GB,ASME,DOT,ISO standard. If you need other specifications,we can also customize for you.
3. Stable performance and long life
As an ISO, CE. TUV, ASME,SGS… certified company, we have strict quality control system to guarantee our top product quality and prompt delivery time.
4. Wide range products
In addition to the ammonia cylinder, There are many other kinds of common industrial gas cylinders, such as chlorine cylinder,acetylene cylinder, propane cylinder,butane cylinder, sulfur dioxide cylinder, sulfur trioxide cylinder, refrigerant cylinder, ethylene oxide cylinder, ethyl chloride cylinder and so on
We have exported our ammonia cylinders to many countries around the world, such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore,Peru, Belize,Egypt, Italy, USA, Kuwait, UAE,Lebanon, Pakistan etc., and all clients become our long term business partner after they work with us once.
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