Composite LPG Cylinder, Fiberglass Propane Tank

Minsheng Group is a leading manufacturer of fiberglass cylinders, composite lpg cylinders in China. We use the best materials to provide high safety quality at factory prices for the benefit of LPG cylinders users.

We manufacture fiberglass tanks – composite LPG cylinders made from a mixture of fibre and plastic resin, which can replace steel lgp cylinders and are safer, lighter and easier to use.

Composite LPG cylinders Material:

Glass fiber

We choose a kind of special wrapping fiber with good invasion, high gelatinization and no balling-up.

Epoxy resin

The epoxy resin we choose has advantages of lower curing temperature, quicker curing speed, longer service lifeand lower price.


High-density Polyethylene, has the advantage of wide range of sources and cheap. It can be used as liner material to revent the gas leakage, also can be used as external wear-resistant material.

Composite LPG cylinders Material:

LPG Composite Cylinder Materials

Certificate and third-party test report:

We are SGS/TUV/ISO/CE/DOT/ASME certified factory.
We can provide third-party test reports according to customer required.

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