Containerized PSA OXygen Generator

The containerized oxygen production plant is an oxygen production plant that integrates a compression system and an oxygen production system on a container, which can be considered as a mobile oxygen production station, providing a continuous supply of oxygen and oxygen filling for different work sites.

The advantages of Containerized PSA Oxygen Generator

1、Using container type mechanism, no need to build a separate plant.
2、Easy to install, operate, lift and transport; only need to connect to the power supply, ready to use
3、Designed strictly according to the customer’s site working conditions.
4、Automated operation, DCS control available.
5、Both electric drive and generator drive can be used, convenient for field operation
6、Can meet the customer’s other special requirements for the system.

Containerized oxygen generator

We design the oxygen generator consist of the following components:

  • Air Compressor
  • Air pretreatment module
  • Air tank
  • Oxygen-nitrogen separating adsorber
  • Presultant oxygen buffer tank
  • Automatic control & detection system
Containerized psa oxygen plant compents
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