LPG Gas Cylinder Valves

Minsheng produces LPG gas cylinder valves by valves automatic production line and inspection line. Our Professional Research and development of Intelligence gas bottle valves, global identity coding for Cylinder Information Management. We offer the best price, lifetime warranty, and choose us, the most reliable manufacturer.

MINSHENG has the world’s most advanced automatic gas cylinder valves production line , assembling and detecting line, We can manufacturer the LPG valves in 70 specifications and varieties. We have obtained BV,TUV,SGS certification on ISO,EU, CE standard, and We also provide OEM and ODM service with attractive quoation.

LPG cylinder valves
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Integrated RFID LPG Cylinder Valve

At the same time, we also developed an intelligent LPG valve. We can customize and install according to customers’ requirements

  • Integrated RFID card for LPG Gas Cylinder Valve;
  • Integrated Limited filling device in cylinder valve.
  • By identifying RFID card information to control the opening and closing of valve device, effectively manage and control the circulation and turnover of gas cylinder.
  • Using Internet technology to establish the quality and safety traceability system of liquefied petroleum gas cylinders, from the delivery of cylinders to market circulation, filling management, expiration detection to achieve the whole process of monitoring and management

Intelligent LPG cylinder valves Advantages:

  1. the unique identification code of LPG cylinder, information management and traceability. control cylinder loss and customer loss.
  2. Strict control of illegal refueling, cross refueling!
  3. Strict control of non-inspection, extended cylinder refeilling
  4. Anti-magnetic, anti-disassembling, anti-disassembling
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