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We are deeply engaged in manufacturing Oxygen, Argon, Nitrogen, CO2, Helium, Hydrogen, and all kinds of high pressure cylinder valves.
Model Filling Medium Nominal pressure Nominal Path Inlet Thread Outlet Thread Safety devicetemperature
QF model O2,Air,N2 15-30MPa ¢2-¢4 PZ27.8,G1/2,PZ19.2, G5/8,G5/8-LH,G3/4, <30±1.5MPa,100℃
3/4-14NGT,G5/8,1/2NGT, G1/2,W21.8,W22,
BS341 1/14,25E,M18*1.5, W21.8,W22.5,CGA320,
M20*1.5,W19.8,M25*2, G1/2-14-RH-EXT,
1.125-12UNF,3/4-16UNF etc G5/8-14-RH-EXT,
M16*1.5,0.885-14NGO-RH etc
CGA300,CGA320 O2,Air,N2 15-35MPa ¢2-¢4 3/4-14UNF,PZ27.8,G1/2, CGA300,CGA320, <30±1.5MPa,100℃
CGA350,CGA540 PZ19.2,3/4-14NGT,G5/8, CGA540,CGA580,
CGA580,CGA590 1/2NGT,BS341 1/14,25E, CGA590,CGA660,
CGA660,CGA870 etc M18*1.5,M20*1.5,W19.8, CGA870 etc
M25*2,1.125-12UNF etc
PX-32A,PX-34A Ar 15MPa ¢2-¢4 3/4-14UNF,PZ27.8,G1/2, G5/8,G5/8-LH,G3/4, <30±1.5MPa,100℃
PX-35,QF-40ACGA677 PZ19.2,3/4-14NGT,G5/8, G1/2,W21.8,W22,
CGA580E,CGA580D 1/2NGT,BS341 1/14,25E, W21.8,W22.5,CGA320,
CGA590B,CGA346 M18*1.5,M20*1.5,W19.8, G1/2-14-RH-EXT,
M25*2,1.125-12UNF etc G5/8-14-RH-EXT,
M16*1.5,0.885-14NGO-RH etc
QF model CO2 5-20MPa ¢2-¢8 1.125-12UNF,0.75-16UNF-2A, G5/8,G5/8-LH,G3/4, <30±1.5MPa,100℃
W19.8*1/14,3/4-14UNF,PZ27.8, G1/2,W21.8,W22,
G1/2,PZ19.2,3/4-14NGT, W21.8,W22.5,CGA320,
G5/8,1/2NGT,BS341 1/14, G1/2-14-RH-EXT,
25E,M18*1.5,M20*1.5, G5/8-14-RH-EXT,
W19.8,M25*2,1.125-12UNF etc M16*1.5,0.885-14NGO-RH etc
CGA model H2,He,Ne 5-20MPa ¢2-¢8 1.125-12UNF,0.75-16UNF-2A, CGA <30±1.5MPa,100℃
Ar,Kr etc W19.8*1/14,3/4-14UNF,PZ27.8,
G5/8,1/2NGT,BS341 1/14,
W19.8,M25*2,1.125-13UNF etc
QF or CGA Model CNG 20-25Mpa ¢2-¢8 PZ27.8,M12*1.25,M25*1.5, 2-NPT1/4,M12*1,7/16-20UNF, 30-40Mpa,110℃
G1/2,M28*2,W28.8, M12*1.25,G5/8-LH
BS341-1,11/8-12UNF-2A,NPT1/4 5/16-24UNF-2A

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